S400 I-O

ABB S400 Remote I/O Units makes it possible to distribute the system’s inputs and outputs to distances of up to 750 m from the Process Station. The Process Station and the various I/O units communicate via the ABB MasterFieldbus serial bus

DSTC 454 ABB - LDB Modem 2MBit/s 5751017-F

LDB Modem 2MBit/s - Fiber Optic

DSTC 454L ABB - LDB Modem 5751017-R

DSTC454L LDB Modem - Fiber Optic

DSTC 452 ABB - S400 Fieldbus Modem 5751017-A

FSK-Modem for serial I/O Bus for Coaxial Cable

DSTD W110 ABB - Connection Unit 57160001-AAZ

Connection Unit, 8 Ch.24V DC/AC galvanic isolated

DSTD W120 ABB - Connection Unit 57160001-ZB

Connection Unit 8 Ch, 110 VDC, 120 VAC

DSTD W130 ABB - Connection Unit 57160001-YX

DSTD W130 Connection Unit