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Showing 1-10 of 60 item(s)

83SR04 ABB Control Module

83SR04 ABB Control Module - GJR2390200R1411, 4 fold Binary Control Module for Boiler Protection
Price SAR8,628.17

DP840 ABB - 3BSE028926R1

Pulse Counter S/R 8 channels, Pulse Counter or Frequency Measurement Module. Redundant or single. 0.5Hz - 20kHz.
Price SAR8,000.67

DP820 ABB - 3BSE013228R1

Pulse Counter RS-422, 2 channels bidirectional pulse counters and frequency measurement, current, 5V, (12v), 24V. 1,5MHz Rated isol 50V
Price SAR7,451.60

AO895 ABB - 3BSC690087R1

Analog Output IS HART 8 channels, 0(4)...20mA. RL max 750 ohm. Intrinsic Safety Interface and HART.
Price SAR5,098.47

AI880A ABB - 3BSE039293R1

Analog Input HI S/R HART 8 channels, (0) 4..20mA. 12bit. HART communication. Single or redundant. High integrity, certified for SIL3. Requires...
Price SAR5,059.25

DI880 ABB - 3BSE028586R1

Digital Input HI S/R 16 channels, 24V d.c. inputs. High integrity, certified for SIL3. Single or redundant.
Price SAR4,863.15