Showing 1-10 of 439 item(s)

Showing 1-10 of 439 item(s)

2711E-K14C15 Allen-Bradley

PanelView 1400e 14 in (35.6 cm) Color CRT Display, Keypad, Stud Mount, NEMA 4X (indoor only), DH+, Remote I/O and ControlNet Release 1.5...
Price SAR31,016.48

2711P-B12C6D2 Allen-Bradley

anelView Plus 1250 Color Terminal 12.1 inch, Keypad and Touch Screen, DH+, DH-485, RIO and Standard Communication (Ethernet and RS-232), 128 MB...
Price SAR29,602.62

2711P-K15C4A9 Allen-Bradley

PanelView Plus 6 Color Terminal 1500 Model, 15-inch, Keypad, Standard communications (Ethernet & RS-232), Windows CE 6.0 with Extended Features, AC...
Price SAR28,718.96

1400-ELTC15 / 1400ELTC15 Allen-Bradley

PanelView 1400e Operator Terminal, Color Flat LCD Display, 14-inch (35.6 cm), Keypad, DH+ and Remote I/O Communication, 100-240V AC Power, NEMA...
Price SAR26,509.81

2711P-K12C4A8 Allen-Bradley - PanelView Plus

PanelView Plus 6 1250 Color Terminal 12.1 inch, Keypad, Standard Communication (Ethernet and RS-232), 512MB Flash, 512MB RAM, 100-240V AC Power,...
Price SAR25,184.32

2711P-B12C4A9 Allen-Bradley - PanelView Plus

2711 PanelView Plus 6 Terminal, 1250 Model, Keypad/Touch, Color, Standard Communication - Ethernet & RS-232, AC Input, Windows CE 6.0 with Extended...
Price SAR23,417.00

6181X-12A2SW71DC Allen-Bradley

6181XHazardous Location Industrial Computer, 12.1 in. 4:3 Display, Resistive Touch ,128 GB SSD, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Operating System...
Price SAR23,417.00